November 3, 2017


What Is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing is one of the channels of web based marketing, which helps in picking up traffic and attention from different types of social networks. Promoting through social media empowers business or companies to interact with clients specifically and creates brand awareness. Henceforth a solid web-based social networking plan can tap the enthusiasm of clients. In spite of the fact that online networking has been an essential method of communication channels on the present situation, it is critical for all the business to have a social media presence.   Benefits Of Social Media Marketing:
  • Increment Brand awareness and acknowledgment
  • Achieve target crowd all the more effectively
  • Create leads and nominal expenses
  • Increase in sales
  • Enhance in client administration and retention rate
  • Boosts your organic search results

Facebook Fan Page Creation
Facebook for Business
Page Insights
Promoting Pages
Facebook Image Dimensions
Organic Likes
Marketing Strategy for Facebook
Creating Ads
Targeting Audience
Buget Optimization
Creating Groups – Website Integration

TWITTER Introduction
Protected Tweets
Types Of Tweets
Connecting Audience
Promoted Tweets
Promoted Accounts
Using # Tags
Promoting Business
Marketing Strategy